22 oz copper mugs

Riding a Renewed Interest in Cocktails, the Moscow Mule Fills Countless Copper Mugs

As hard feelings between the United States and the Soviet Union deepened after World War II, Americans became more curious about the new superpower. Among the outcomes of this new fascination with everything Soviet, and especially Russian, was a greater appreciation than ever before for the charms of vodka.

Although nearly flavorless by itself, vodka turned out to be an excellent accompaniment for a range of new cocktails that would have been overwhelmed by whiskey, rum, or other spirits. The History of the Moscow Mule, one of the most iconic new cocktails of the postwar period, is an ample demonstration of this fact.

The beverage is believed to have originated in New York City, where a creative bartender began experimenting with ways to make good use of vodka's subtlety. Eventually, he hit upon the idea of combining the crisp spirit with freshly squeezed lime juice, a winning pair the effect of which was soon further enhanced by a dose of spicy ginger beer.

With this recipe in place, the Moscow Mule was almost fully formed. The final addition came with the inspiration to serve the new cocktail in distinctive, all-copper mugs. These Moscow Mule Mugs, it turned out, helped to boost the refreshing character of the new drink even further, with the pleasantly metallic tinge they provided completing the picture.

Today, 16 oz Copper Mugs are virtually synonymous with the Moscow Mule, a drink that has become vastly more popular throughout the recent resurgence in interest in high-end cocktails. In fact, the cocktail has become so widespread that some unfortunately underhanded sellers have taken shortcuts, lining their low-quality mugs with materials that detract from the flavor of the finished beverage.

Those interested in enjoying this unique cocktail, then, do well to seek out sources like Moscow Mule, where pure copper mugs can be obtained easily and cost effectively. Because copper is such an important contributor to the overall experience of the Moscow Mule, only those versions served in such mugs can be said to be truly genuine.

With a long and fascinating history, one of the greatest new cocktails to emerge from the twentieth century is once again taking its deserved place at parties and on restaurant tables around the country. One of the most genuinely American cocktails of all, the Moscow Mule is a truly distinctive and unforgettable drink that is also one of the most refreshing and enjoyable of all.